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This site is dedicated to all kinds of peonies and other beautifully flowering shrubs. Here you can find useful information, new grades, instructions for planting and caring for peonies. In addition, you can buy these plants wholesale or retail.

We offer the widest variety from an assortment of Herbaceous and Tree peonies! In addition to these varieties, we have the opportunity to offer you hybrid varieties that were bred by the great Japanese breeder, Professor Toichi Ito. These hybrid varieties of pions are grown in nurseries of Holland and are called Itoh Peonies.

This diversity and wide palette of colors and shades of these wonderful plants distinguishes us from many other stores. We are the only ones, who suppliers of tree pions to Ukraine from China - the motherland of the most beautiful shrub on the Earth.

Every year the assortment of our online store of peonies is constantly replenished and continues to please you with the exceptional beauty and variety of chic colors.

If you are interested in buying pions in bulk, you can contact our managers via e-mail or by phone, which are listed in the Contacts section.